"Nothing is art if it does not come from nature."
Antoni Gaudi
  • Jonathan Caldwell's three sons - Arran, Francis and Lucian standing proudly at the top of Half Dome Mountain in Yosemitie California
Jonathan Caldwell has been creating beautiful fabric and wallpaper for more than 20 years. He grew up in London and Scotland. He trained in Fine Art painting at Chelsea School of Art, London. He learnt about great design and color working closely with his mother who is an internationally admired textile and wallpaper designer. His passion for art, music and the great outdoors gives him endless inspiration for design and color.

A few years ago he moved, with his three sons, from the UK to Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Hence the decision to call his new company Mayflower, in reference to the spirit of adventure that Jonathan maintains in his work as well as in his personal life. The symbol - the compass rose - on the cover of all the books shows the USA in the West and the UK in the East.

Jonathan Caldwell on a wintry day at Box Hill, UK.