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  • We process orders Monday-Friday within 3 business days then ship out via UPS Ground. Depending upon where you live, your order should be with you in 4-7 business days from receipt.
  • Please note, many of our peel and stick designs are printed on demand, these orders are 7-10 business days from receipt.
  • International orders may have local duties and taxes due upon arrival.
  • Sample orders are mailed via USPS with stamps (they do not have tracking.) Please allow 5-7 business days from receipt. If you prefer tracking and expedited shipping, please choose USPS Priority Mail at checkout for an additional fee.
  • We cannot deliver orders to PO Boxes, only samples.

The width depends upon the design, either 20.5 inches or 27 inches wide and 9 inches long.

Try it in your space, live with it. Wallpaper can be a commitment, we understand if you want to date a bit first.

  • Our traditional wallpaper (unpasted paper, non woven, sisal grasscloth) are sold by the double roll.
  • Peel and stick wallpaper is sold by the single roll.
  • Please contact us for assistance with measurements.
  • Half Drop Match- half-drop patterns repeat at the ceiling line on every other strip and the design runs diagonally. It requires three strips of wallpaper to repeat the vertical design. A half-drop match is a straight match that has been split in half. 
  • Random Match- a type of wallpaper with no matching seams, also known as a free match. It can be cut and installed in any order. 
  • Straight Match- the pattern matches across the width of the wallpaper. Our packing list label and product description will tell you how often the pattern repeats.
  • For high traffic areas, like the kitchen or bathroom, we love faux grasscloths and sisal cork wallpaper. They are stain resistant, and can easily be wiped down.
  • For high profile areas like the dining room, we lean toward non-woven designs, with their nylon fibers they are super durable, and display rich colors and incredible textures.
  • Peel and stick is the new adulting. Ceiling, stair risers, mud room, nursery, pantry, gloomy corners.
  • Unpasted paper wallpaper gravure printed can be applied just about anywhere. Traditional wallpaper lasts so long, it's not out of the ordinary to find wallpaper underneath wallpaper underneath wallpaper.

Absolutely! Our peel and stick wallpaper is PVC, VOC and phthalate free. It is made of water resistant vinyl, most with Greenguard Gold ink. Mayflower Wallpaper is Fire A rated.

In a ventilated room (no muggy bathrooms), on a clean and flat surface (no textured popcorn walls covered in Teflon, sheetrock, brick, cinderblock, over existing wallpaper, non-stick paint, unpainted dry wall, or plaster), the peel and stick will adhere for at least ten years. Allow newly painted surfaces to cure (off-gass) for a period of four weeks. Humidity causes the adhesion to peel away from the wall. Textured walls create air pockets. Peelable wallpaper sticks best to dry interiors.

For care, instructions and tips on how to hang your traditional or peel and stick wallpaper, please visit How to Apply Wallpaper

  • Sharp Utility Knife or Razor
  • Extra Blades
  • Level
  • Ruler
  • Step ladder or Stool
  • Soft Cloth or Squeegee
  • Tape Measurer
  • Friend or another set of eyes and hands

Designed in RI, sourced and manufactured in MA and PA.

We are only available online.

We love peel and stick wallpaper as drawer and cabinet liners, or closet and bookcase backdrops. Our paper wallpaper, we use as incredibly durable wrapping paper, paper cache crafts, and artwork - you can paint it.