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Types of Wallpaper

Adhesive - a type of glue or paste for installing wallpaper (unnecessary for peel and stick designs).

Batch Number - the individual number for to different color runs. When reordering extra rolls be sure to refer to the number on the packing slip to guarantee perfect color match as they do vary slightly from run to run.

Booking - a relaxing period where a wet, freshly pasted strip of wallpaper is allowed to rest in a gently folded position. The wallpaper strip is laid on a clean work surface, pattern facing down. The top edge and bottom edge are both folded in to meet at the centre point. During this time, the adhesive will be activated.

Color Way - when a wallpaper design is available in a variety of colors, each variation is a color way.

Double Roll - the standard size of wallpaper, also referred to as a bolt. All of our wallpaper (except peel and stick designs) is packaged and sold as a double roll.

Double Roll Bolt Sizes:

20 ½ “Width X 33 Feet = 56 Sq. Feet

27” Width X 27 Feet = 60 Sq. Feet

Embossed - a pattern or design which is raised up from the paper. All of the vinyl designs in the Sanctuary collection are embossed.

Flock Wallpaper - flock wallpaper has a fuzzy or a velvet like texture.

Half Drop Match - half-drop patterns repeat at the ceiling line on every other strip and the design runs diagonally. It requires three strips of wallpaper to repeat the vertical design. A half-drop match is a straight match that has been split in half. 

Matte Wallpaper - wallpaper that has a flat finish.

Murals - wallpaper designed as an image, pattern or scene. A mural is created in several large panels to show the full design and typically used on only one wall.

Non-woven - a type of wallpaper made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibers that allows the paper to be washable and breathable. Non-woven wallpapers are great for bathrooms and kitchens because the paper is breathable which helps to stop the build up of mold and mildew. They are also tear resistant.

Pattern Repeat - the number of inches or centimeters between identical points in a pattern design.

Peel and Stick - a self-adhesive material that can be applied straight from the roll. It can be applied to most smooth, flat surfaces. It is also very easy to remove without damaging the surface below.

Random Match - a type of wallpaper with no matching seams, also known as a free match. It can be cut and installed in any order. 

Run - a batch of wallpaper rolls printed at the same time using the same inks. Colors may vary from run to run, thus each batch is assigned a run number. A color run is also referred to as dye lot number or run number. 

Straight Match - the pattern matches across the width of the wallpaper. Our packing list label and product description will tell you how often the pattern repeats.

Vinyl Coated - a wallpaper with a pattern printed onto a thin layer of vinyl on a paper background, making them quite tough and washable.

Vinyl Wallpaper - similar to vinyl coated wallpaper but with a thicker vinyl top sheet which increases their durability.