How To Apply Wallpaper

The wall surface should be clean, dry, smooth and free from mildew.

If applying non pasted or non woven wall coverings, the wall surfaces should be primed with a wall covering primer.

Peel and Stick can be applied without a wall covering primer onto a clean and smooth surface. It can be a ceiling, a staircase, countertop or decoupage. 

Apply a lightweight pre-mixed vinyl adhesive to the wall covering, carefully following the paste manufacturer’s instructions. We like Roman products for our home improvements. Please ensure sufficient paste is applied to the edges of the wall covering.

Fold the strip slowly, glue on glue, by taking both ends to the middle of the strip. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes a technique known as booking.

For non-matched patterns, reverse hang alternate strips.

After 3 strips are hung, stand back and inspect.

Wash adhesive completely from the surface of the wall covering immediately after hanging each strip.

Enjoy your handiwork and brag to your friends and family.

If you would like to watch a great video of wallpaper hangers from the UK, check out B & Q Home Fit on Youtube. They are funny and helpful.